2017 Retail Design Project


Axonometric of Floorplan

Axonometric of Floorplan



Subtractive design is a process that involves the removal of mass in a way that expands our understanding and appreciation of simple forms.

In the Memorial Art Gallery store “Shop MAG”, subtractive design appears as an overall theme. It can be found within the floorplan in the establishment of more openings to the space as well as the merchandising systems themselves. The simplicity of the systems and the overall design allow for a gallery-like experience where the merchandise becomes the main emphasis and is displayed as works of art. The systems are designed to be able to tell each featured artist’s story through their work. This way museum-goers do not have to feel as if they are ending their experience once they come to the gift shop. Additionally those who only come to the store are able to feel as if they have been to an actual gallery. Shop MAG gives shoppers an experience and appreciation of simple, modern forms that actively show off the artwork of today.