2016 Office Design Project


Modeling Area

Modeling Area



A nest is a woven structure created to shelter and protect; an environment to learn and grow in. The NEXT design office in downtown Los Angeles is also a place where development and discovery are genuinely the emphasis. True to the name “NEXT”, the new office is a hub for innovative and expansive thinking. Aesthetically, the office expresses details that abstract weaving techniques which both enforces the idea of collaboration psychologically and physically within the space. Nests are woven together with a diverse group of objects found in many different places, akin to ideas and the staff that makes up the NEXT design team. NEXT is open and bright with many different kinds of working areas with palette of posture to ensure the maximum comfort for a variety of people. These spaces are divided into public, private and more collaborative areas. The bold, woven architectural pieces are juxtaposed with a soft color palette for high contrast. The NEXT office is a celebration of uniqueness and collaboration.