2017 - 2018 Senior Capstone Project

Angel's ARC

Senior Capstone Team visiting a local neonatal ambulance

Senior Capstone Team visiting a local neonatal ambulance



Alexa Boyd

Ankha Khosbayar

Austin Zuercher

Charlee Lefkovich

Gage Ellis

Rebecca Bonamico





Currently there is a lack of safe and fast transportation for babies with serious medical conditions from hospital to hospital in the country of Honduras.

This project endeavors to propose a neonatal ambulance that can provide safe, emergency transportation for premature and in distress infants from outlying tier two hospitals to Hospital Escuela for specialized treatment in the NICU.

By developing a safe and intra-transport care of neonates, relevant to transport practices and road requirements in the country of Honduras, the customized neonatal ambulance will seek to minimize the effects of prolonged transit and difficult terrain has on the victims in transit with ensured stability and the hope of reducing infant mortality in Honduras.

We are a team of an Interior Designer, Industrial Designer, two Biomedical Engineers, one Electrical Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer.

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